Welcome to Voice of Hope Foundation

  There are so people that's waiting for your Help...

There are voices to be heard...

to reach out your hand

to care out of love

to be part of the voice that will bring new hope for our

WE believe

In the slums of Muntinlupa City Philippines 100,000 people out of the population of 380,000 are living in poverty.

Unsanitary environment conditions where children have little to eat and many cannot attend school.

Some children are abandoned, abuse by parents. Many cannot escape from the hard life into adulthood.

Children live in hope to be a part of the society and are very grateful to the support from Voice of Hope.

We also collect donations to support and to contribute Aids patients and their orphans 『St. Francis Care Center』 Johannesburg South Africa.


Feeding Program : 

・We prioritize malnourished children from Muntinlupa city in Manila and feed them 2~3times a week. 

Education support:

・we supply (stationary notebooks, pencils papers etc. ) uniforms if needed

Medical support :

・We supply medicines ( mosquito coils,insect repellent, bandages wound medicine, cold medicine)

・we also supply sanitary materials (tooth paste,tooth brush,towels,soap etc.)


・We are getting relief supplies from Japan

(Adults and children clothes, towels, thin blanket, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, tooth brush, mosquito coils,insect repellent, bandages wound medicine, cold medicine, stationary and summer toys.)

Thank you for your cooperation in fund raising to support these activities.