Welcome to VOH Diary.Recently , the memebers of voice of Hope has been visiting the slums frequently, these days we are learning about the people and their sufferings more and more . the kids that come to our feeding centers go out every night and pick up garbage to sell the bags at p10 a bag, the rest of the many kids go and pack charcloal and sell for P5 . These kids care about their future and they care about their poor parents many only tricycle drivers that cant even afford a decent meal a day .Everyone wants a job , well why dont they have jobs ??  These people want to work . they are not lazy like we all think . They want to survive , how can they do that if we dont help these people !! if there is anyone out there that can help please mail me . God will sometimes break the strongest bone in our life . Where we think we are very strong, so that from then on ,we will acknowledge that strongest part of who we are is God !! Not our carreer , not our family,not our friends , not who we are but God alone !! good night po july 1st.2013

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Today is July3rd 2013!! We  are now preparing for the visiting of our kids in Muntinlupa on saturday and Sunday ..This week we have been so lucky as this saturday we have model celebs from Brazil visiting our kids for the first time and on Sunday afternoon we a very prominate visitor form the Japanese Embassy of Manila to see the sistuation that we have been talking about for so long . The area we went to last weekend  was in such need of help we were all shocked and could not believe that people can survive a day !! The smell , the hopeless children craving for a better life ,but never begging as they know only a miracle can give them a chance to a better life . here the kids collect garbage every night and seel it for P10 ( ten pesos )

a bag, the rest that cannot afford school pack Charcoal from early morning to late night and sell the small bag of coal for P5 ( five pesos ) .

Do you think this is fair ? Could you survive ?  if you have just a little money with a little love for our earth then please help the Voice of Hope and save a child please

Medicine for our kids

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A foster parent from many years.

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Mrs. Masuda has been a foster parent for one of our children for many years, now she gives her time to work as a member of VOH foundation and often comes to the Philippines.

Children goes on Baby M stage.

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Baby M live performance at SM South Mall joined by the children from Muntinlupa that is supported by Voice of Hope International Foundation Inc/ Voice of Hope Japan NPO... We greatly appreciate the support of SM Malls.