Welcome to VOH Diary.Recently , the memebers of voice of Hope has been visiting the slums frequently, these days we are learning about the people and their sufferings more and more . the kids that come to our feeding centers go out every night and pick up garbage to sell the bags at p10 a bag, the rest of the many kids go and pack charcloal and sell for P5 . These kids care about their future and they care about their poor parents many only tricycle drivers that cant even afford a decent meal a day .Everyone wants a job , well why dont they have jobs ??  These people want to work . they are not lazy like we all think . They want to survive , how can they do that if we dont help these people !! if there is anyone out there that can help please mail me . God will sometimes break the strongest bone in our life . Where we think we are very strong, so that from then on ,we will acknowledge that strongest part of who we are is God !! Not our carreer , not our family,not our friends , not who we are but God alone !! good night po july 1st.2013

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visit our feeding center for expansion plan.

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Mr. Masuda brought a Japanese carpenter Mr. Kitano to visit our feeding center for expansion plan.

Milk donation from Appeton through the Say Family.

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Milk donation from Appeton through the Say Family. This is a weight gain formula. 

Donations from individual.

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Ms. Carleene from Asia Media visiting the children in Muntinlupa.