Our History

1997:Formed Lubang Lsland Eco-social Foundation 

・That was established under the guidance of the late Mr. Kiyoshi Osawa

(first Chairman of the Board President and General Counsel in the Philippines Manila,Japanese joint venture of the Nippon, Usen, Yusen Air and Sea Service Philippines adviser 1982, Muntinlupa honorary citizen in 1993)

1998:We started to support abandoned street children, infants, destitute families in Muntinlupa city in Manila.

・Meals to 180 children in the slums of Muntinlupa foster system was introduced.

・Donations to elementary school in Lubang Island (computer, books etc. )

・Planing of construction for hospital on Lubang Island

・The founder of this project "Monica" became the legal gardian of Two kids from the Slum in Muntainlupa.

1999:Established the Kapatiran International Foundation

・Supported the funds for construction of a hospital on Lubang Island

・First Charity concert was held

・Received an Token of appreciation from the mayor of Luband Island (Handed over by former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo)


・Charity Concert held in Quezon city , Manila
Charity Concert held in Fukuoka , Nagasaki , Japan

2004: Started to Support 『St. Francis Care center』in Johannesburg , South Africa

・Met the Catholic preist named『Fr. Nicholas』late Father Nemoto.

(Had similar activities with Mother Teresa in the "St. Francis care center " terminal care for orphans and AIDS patients in South Africa.)

Started to support " St. Francis care center " facility for orphans and terminal care of AIDS patients in Johannesburg South Africa.

2010: Established NPO VOICE OF HOPE Foundation

・support 50 children by clothing, feeding.

・opening Charity party was held in Tokyo, Japan


・support 50 children by clothing, feeding.

・Charity party , Charity Dinner show was held in Tokyo, Japan.

2013~2014: Established NGO VOICE OF HOPE International Foundation

・Received a letter of appreciation from the Makati City Police ( Makati city,Philippines)

・Support 50 children by clothing, feeding.

・Participate in the Medical and Dental Mission. (Toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)

The Founder of this Foudation 
  Director "Ms.Monica"

Monica the founder of Voice of hope was born of a British- Italian blood mother/ Norwigian father.

Monica  was born  into  well to do family, she was raised in South Africa. 
There Monica witnessed the unconditional discrimination of the Black people whose sufferings that struck deeply into the young heart of Monica with sympathy for them .
" I sided always by the Africans / and coloreds and always wanted to become one of them !!! 
says Monica. That original experience remained with her forever . 

She married a Japanese engineer went to Japan . 
After taking a Japanese nationality. 
She ran an English school while educating her two daughters in a very busy life.
in 1995, She had a chance to visit the phlilppines she was shocked at the poverty. 
Then one day a great event changed her life she ran into a serious traffic accident which resulted in injuries imperiling her life. 
In ordinary circumstances her helpless state would not save her, but miraculously in a mysterious way her life was spared. 
Her deep faith in God, the sense that she had been born for a propose became stronger and stronger with the passing of days. There after Monica"s life changed totally.
She met late Mr. Kiyoshi Osawa the philanthropist that was already doing charity.
She was impressed by his doings and with his help she started working with abandoned children from Muntinlupa, Phlippines. 
In 1998, she became the legal gardian of two children found in Muntinlupa and raised them as her own.
In 2010,She established the "Voice of Hope Foundation" 

2016~ :
We have recently  been working hard with our chairman Sir Bobby Joseph a very well Respected Philippine businessman and chairman of Skal International Net working.
And Tourism.
We are now connected to one of the biggest NGO s in the Philippines Bantay Bata.
It's a very great Honor to have Sir Bobby on our Team.